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Weekly Classes


Thursday Evenings 7pm start - Duration varies.


Sessions consist of Fitness, Health and Combat aspects of Systema.



Location - Marple Methodist Church, Church Lane, Marple SK6 7AY


if the weather is fine the session may be held outside. Best to e-mail and check before turning up.



Please note that we have mats at this venue - Please come prepared to train barefoot, with socks or bring clean soft training shoes      



4 - Week New Starter Period



- 1st taster session - no charge, other than £2.00 for

 4-weeks temporary insurance cover

- For the following 3- weeks you will pay fees

 per session

    1 hr  £4

    2 hrs £6

    3 hrs £8

- After the 4-week New Starter period we hope that

 you will join SystemaNW Fee £25/month, which

 includes annual insurance. This covers your training

 at the weekly sesssions and also the Special

 Monthly Sessions


Training Fees





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Systema NW Classes


Session training fees as above

Annual Membership Fee (incl Insurance), for occasional visitors £10/year

Systema NW - Fitness and Wellbeing  in The North West of the UK

What Do I Wear?

There is no uniform for Systema

Just wear lose casual clothes. Something fairly hardwearing would be useful


Special Monthly Classes


Duration 3 hrs  


Sessions consist of Fitness, Health and Combat aspects of Systema.


You are welcome to train for all or part of the class.


Location - Hawk Green Reading Rooms, Upper Hibbert Lane, Marple SK6 7HQ

e-mail Graham for details.


CV - 19


Systema, like all other martial arts which require close physical contact, have had to restrict or suspend training due to the various lockdown and social distancing restrictions.


For details of our 'Return to Training' at SystemaNW please e-mail Graham.