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Systema North West

Systema is an effective Russian Martial Art

Based on the principles of

Breathing, Movement and Relaxation

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Systema North West (SystemaNW)


Operating under the guidance and mentorship of Matt Hill of The Systema Academy 


What is Systema?

A Martial Art, developed from ancient Russian combative principles which have been formed into a    very efficient system for self-improvement and self-defence.


Tools to develop your own natural ability. To become skilled at defending yourself and others and be able to act swiftly and decisively in aggressive or dangerous situations.

Unique approach to health, fitness and combat, based on breathing, movement and relaxation, which helps us understand and improve ourselves.

Skills which will last a lifetime and the non-competitive setting helps develop friendship, helpfulness and the building of personal qualities.


How could Systema help you?

* Improve low esteem and lack of self confidence

* Stress and anger management

* Improve fitness and wellbeing

* Ability to act decisively and remain in control when faced with confrontation


“Muscular, athletic power is good and you should use and enjoy it while you have it, but it has limitations and will eventually leave you.

It is prudent to learn to move in a way that will enable you to be mobile for the rest of your life.

Learning to get out of your own way and move with less effort, fear and tension will make you more effective and healthier, mentally, emotionally and physically”.



If you would like to understand a little more about Systema, why not have a look at these videos


•to understand more about the Martial Art or Self Defence part of Systema ‘Click Here’


•to understand more about the Health, Fitness and Wellbeing part of Systema ‘Click Here’


* Please note name and website address change from video


There are very few places in the North West where you can practice Systema - If you are looking for a Martial Art in the Stockport or Manchester area, why not try Systema North West.


Why not come along for a chat or maybe - just give it a try?

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