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Systema North West


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Graham Harrison and Chris Wallace


Having jointly set up and run Systema North West (SystemaNW) with Graham in 2015, Chris relocated to Wexford in Ireland in 2021.

Although no longer involved with the day-to-day teaching in Marple, Chris will remain involved with the Group, as a visiting instructor.


SystemaNW operates under the guidance and mentorship of Matt Hill of The Systema Academy


Graham & Chris are both Approved as Certified Instructors by Vladimir Vasiliev of Systema HQ in Toronto and are qualified Aikido instructors (5th Dan & 4th Dan  respectively)


At Systema NW we focus on Systema as a Martial Art. However, the health and wellbeing aspects are fundamental to our training, not just as a bolt-on warm up at the beginning of class.


'Tigers are not taught self-defence or fitness, they are just efficient tigers'.

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SystemaNW - Fitness and Wellbeing  in the North West of the UK

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Our focus is to improve you – everything else follows.


We acknowledge that not everyone wants to pursue the combat element of Systema. Our classes at SystemaNW accommodate and encourage those who only wish to study the health and wellbeing side of the art.


Everyone has a different personal reason for studying a martial art. At SystemaNW we try to help everyone achieve their specific needs and goals.

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